Prostitute Mia24

Mia24 +52(984)2352-401
Mia24 +52(984)2352-401
Mia24 +52(984)2352-401
Price per hour: 3400 $
Price for 2 hours: negotiable
Price per night: negotiable
Age: 26
Growth: 177
Weight: 55
Chest: 1 (A)
Hair color: Brunette
Ethnicity: European
About my

Tengo 24 años soy universitaria divertida seductora y amantes dela buen sexo presto mis servicio a hombres y parejas

Extra data

Waist 58
Languages English, Spanish,
Service area Departure to the client


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Prostitute Mia24, +52(984)2352-401, Comodoro on 0 (0 Estimates)


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